Helping Hand Visuals was born out of a need to help our son communicate with us. He was diagnosed as being autistic at the age of 18 months and was basically non-verbal until the age of 5. With the aid of these visual PECS, we were able to communicate with each other and this in turn helped him understand what words went with pictures. After now 5 years, we still use the visuals to help in everyday life, we use them throughout the house and have a portable set on a lanyard for when we go on outings.

What Helping Hand Visuals does for families and carers of special needs individuals:

  • Helping Hand Visuals is a small family business tailored to personal service
  • Located in Melbourne, Victoria
  • We are in our infancy, but have been immersed in the world of visuals for 5 years 
  • We have just opened our online shop
  • We are a team of 2 with aspirations to grow to a medium sized service business
  • Contact Rita on her mobile, 0409 002 335
  • Find us on Facebook - Helping Hand Visuals